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Dog Day Afternoon

In English bulldogs, Thats' Life on August 22, 2009 at 11:00 PM

One of my favorite things...

One of my favorite things...

OK, now I’m tired of the Kong. Phew! That’s a workout. Now to relieve brain chatter.  I need to memorialize the stuff I thought about today.

I got up early, did the do, (Mom nearly lost her mind. She’s gets soooo happy. It’s getting’ kinda bizarre now. Should I be scared?), took my store-brand Benadryl, endured the eye drops flushed in my eye, got my collar on and then… I waited.

After she put her face on, filled my cooling mat with the requisite gallon of water, grabbed my frozen water and the thermos filled with ice, we were off– To Solana Beach for the DOG DAY AFTERNOON &”TASTE OF BEACHWALK” event to raise money for FACE, one of our favorite charities that helps animals and their families with medical care when they can’t afford it.

Mom got lost ‘cause the Mapquest was WRONG! Sometimes it be dat way. We started out at 9:30 and didn’t get there until 12:10. The car was parked ten blocks away so we had to walk (well maybe not so much “we”) and it was a skosh warm. But all that unpleasantness soon melted away because we were just awash in a tidalwave of smiles and goodwill upon arriving at the DOG DAY AFTERNOON &“TASTE OF BEACHWALK It was beautiful.

There were lots of treats everywhere. Now I’m not much for treats even though I love, love, love my Breeders Choice Active Care Healthy Joint Treats (shameless plug). I had vanilla ice cream, (all the sugar, all the real, whole milk), at Stone Cold Creamery, savory peanut butter treats, (ummm… so good), these delicious Mutt Munchers* (no wheat, no corn, no preservatives, no bull. And I’m not one for treats much, you know. Did I mention already I’m not much for treats?)

Mom had Stone Cold Creamery ice cream, too, and tea samples from Solana Beach Coffee Company, a cupcake from Cupcake Love; she ate  stuff at  Pacific Coast Grill and pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, all local business who gave of their time and goodwill energies to support FACE to prevent one needless euthanasia because of a family’s inability to pay. Doggone!

We signed up for the Cutest Dog Contest and the Best Costume Contest. There were so many others: Best Trick, Look-Like-Your-People Contest, Most Unusual Dog, Ugliest Dog, Largest Dog, Most Smashed Face (shoulda entered that one), Biggest Ears, Smallest Dog, Dirtiest Dog… I got an honorary second place for Best Costume so I got to go home with a bagful of those yummy Mutt Munchers.

Ummm...  so yummy

Ummm... so yummy

There was live music and that band was terrific! Even I loved them. I think the band is called Stratos. They were great. Great vocals. There was the Puppy Kissing Booth. This booth was at the Running of the Bulldogs event two weeks ago as well. Mom used all her tickets entering raffles. She exercised considerable self-contol and restraint: she did not shop (for bags and clothes). There was Face Painting and Games for the kids.  Even the white Boxer got his face painted!  

Can you blame me?

Can you blame me?

The girl scouts were awesome! And I’m not just saying that ‘cause I got a crush on at least two of ’em. An inauspicious beginning had a fun and gratifying end. And the beauty part: All the proceeds from “Dog Day Afternoon” are tax deductable and benefit animals in need. Win-Win.

I was kinda out of sorts I think because I don’t eat in the morning and I did have those two store-brand Benadryl. I may not look all that happy on the outside, but believe me, I was smiling on the inside. Look at me with the girl scouts.

Now I’ve had my fill of Royal Canin. I’ve played with my Kong (darn those kibble are hard to get at), played with my mom, put down the stuff I thought and now I’m all tuckered out. As Scarlett O’Hara would say “…Tomorrow… Is another day!”

Queue music swell.

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning.” (Gen 1:4)

Goodwill energies I direct toward each and every one of you each and every day.

That’s life today.




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