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People Problems

In English bulldogs, Thats' Life on August 27, 2009 at 4:48 AM

So many people stop me on the street to take my picture.  Many more just go ahead and take it.  Their shots may be pretty good.  At any rate, I’d sure love to see them, so today I posed for pictures and chose one to feature on the business card I designed. I figure I’ll pass them out to people who take my picture. How you like it?

I am nervous though, because I placed the order on FedEx Office’s new print online service.  There are kinks that still need to be worked out, though, namely making it clear that a ship-to address is not an option. After I finished designing my cards, I was ready to place the order.  I have my own mailbox, so I wanted to have the order billed to Her money card, but shipped to my mailbox.

Let’s just say that may not happen.  Immediately I called FedEx.  Even though I called the customer service number that appears on the website, some guy told me this was not the right office.  I need to call Kinko’s. He gave me the number to Kinko’s and was kind enough to transfer my call.

A nice young girl at Kinko’s said this sort of thing has been happening a lot, but all she is able to do is report my complaint to another department who will see if maybe they can redirect my order.  She also noted my request to receive a call tomorrow to update me on their progress. I’m a dog. I can’t really deal with these kinds of people problems.  Oy!

Tuesday She drove me to a place called Sorrento Valley.  I had fun.  People took pictures of me, and they gushed and fawned over me.  One lady gave me a bit of peanut butter.  I love peanut butter.

I was supposed to get my raffle prize but things didn’t work out.  She was upset, but when I think about it, we met nice people at that office who were really nice to her, too, and that makes me so happy. Could it be that was the whole purpose of this misadventure?

Tomorrow I go to the vet about my eye.  Fingers crossed..!

Goodwill energies I direct your way toward each and every one of you each and every day.

“And there came to be evening,and there came to be morning.”*

That’s life today.

*Gen 1:14


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