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In Defense Of The Needs Of The Many

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Hi!If your dog has mange, please do not bring him or her to a public dog park or a public specialized breed dog meet up or any public function for That matter.

Mange is highly contagious; an unsightly and painful condition caused by burrowing mange mites.  Mange is contagious and is spread by contact from infested to non-infested animals.  Mange can occur in man, dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cattle and other animals.

When contracted by humans, it often manifests as yeast. It causes excessive peeling of the skin, excessive itchiness, (and particularly on Black skin) unsightly dark, scaly rashes, and will only go away with topical antifungal treatments that can easily be bought over the counter: lotrimin and clortrimazol. Washing the affected areas with dandruff shampoo also helps.

She and I eagerly attended a bulldog meetup in North County. The meetup was scheduled to begin at 3pm. We left our home in the Inland Empire at 2:10pm. Dog parks are often hard to find. They’re usually in a secluded part of a neighborhood that really does not want the immediate public to know there is a dog park there, so signage is next to non-existent.

If you are going to the dog park for the first time, the entrance sign may be so unobvious you may drive past several times. We did not find the park, despite my being more than familiar with the area until about 3:45pm.

The meetup was poorly organized and even more poorly attended. All went well, however, until about 4:15 when a woman showed up with her female, who was not spayed, in heat and who had the worst case of mange I had ever seen in over twenty years.  Pets should not be permitted to mingle with mangy animals or contact premises occupied by them since individual contact is the most important method of transmission.

She was stunned. She turned to another attendee and asked “Does that dog have mange?” She then confronted the dog owner who readily admitted the dog had mange, but with the caveat that hers was of the non-contagious variety. The dog owner was uncertain about what type of mange the dog had, however, and when pressed, volunteered she “thought” her dog had Sarcoptic mange, but She could tell the mangy dog owner had no idea on earth what type of mange the dog had. She was not even confident this dog was under the care and supervision of a vet.   But it doesn’t matter: Mange is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. PERIOD.

Another attendee with her husband and d0g, Pork Chop immediately left, and we were hot on their heels. She was livid, and frightened and concerned for me. This was the second meetup where someone brought their dog out with mange. This dog’s mange was not localized and appeared on her face, head and all over her upper body. To add insult to injury, the dog was not spayed and was in heat.

Like Her, you may be unemployed. Alone. Seeking companionship or occasional association for your bullie. Like Her, you may love your bulldog. But in spite of all that, you may not, YOU MAY NOT bring your unhealthy dog to a public dog park  and expose it to healthy dogs. YOU MAY NOT do that! YOU MAY NOT do that!

She washed down the steering wheel and our hands and shoes with a bleach solution. Bleach kills the mites.

She and I have all the fellow feeling and empathy in the world for you, but She is  also a responsible pet owner and I expect–  no, I demand the same from all of you.  Please, Please, Please don’t bring your unhealthy, un-spayed, un-neutered, unvaccinated adult dog around healthy, spayed and neutered dogs whose owners have taken their responsibilities seriously and can, upon demand, produce current immunization records.  It’s thoughtless, unloving, inconsiderate and especially unkind especially for those of us who are really suffering in these unforgiving economic times.

You love your bullie, and so do we, responsible pet owners.   But, in the immortal words of  Star Trek’s  Mr. Spock “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Goodwill energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day
“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning..”

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