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Eureka Epiphany!

In Animal Health, Animals and Pets, Cartoons, Children's Literacy, Television, Twitter, Veterinary Medicine on February 22, 2010 at 9:03 PM

This morning as I scanned my twitter, this tweet caught my attention:

“If you’re stopping by @PechangaCasino today, stop by our ballroom and donate blood; every donor gets free tax services.”

Ha! At first I saw humor in this.  People always say the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Since the subject of taxes often causes People’s blood to boil, I found this juxtapositioning of blood donation and tax preparation “funny.”  Not in a funny ha-ha way but in that sort of amusingly peculiar way.  I tweeted in response:

“@PechangaCasino Hmmm… Blood *and* taxes. Somehow That seems really appropriate. #humor”

But that wasn’t the end of  it.  Pechanga retweeted and the Pechanga retweet became for me The Thought Provoking Question of the Day:

“@That1EBD Can bulldogs donate blood?”

When a dog needs a blood transfusion, where does the blood come from?  Is there a Red Cross or blood bank for dogs?  It got me to thinking about a subject I never thought about before.  So I had Her research it for me.

People participate in volunteer blood drives all the time. They may donate blood at work or at a sponsored donor event. Most people are aware of the need for human blood donors. But are they aware of the crucial need for blood donors in Veterinary medicine? Dogs sometimes need emergency blood transfusions too.

Interesting, huh?

First consider the information in this article by Sandy Moyer: Could Your Dog Be A Blood Donor? If you decide the answer is ‘yes,’ next you’ll need to look for a credible blood bank. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) Web site provides information on Eastern Veterinary Blood Bank (EVBB) and also has a blood bank hotline that can help you find a canine blood bank in your area.

People  know how to give good gifts to their friends, their families, their children.  Now here is a way their pets can give a good gift as well and help save another animal’s life.

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day

Donor dogs save lives.

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning”

That’s life today.

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