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Man, It Pours!

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“It’s either all or nothing.”
“It’s six of this; half a dozen of the next thing.”
“When it rains, it pours.”

And boy, ain’t That the truth! For months I have been working hard to get my name out there– attending every animal function and fundraising event, having my picture taken, passing out my business card to any and all takers. She has been talking me up a blue streak to any and all listeners.

She’s sent e-mails and written proposals asking strangers for tech help to build a website or for creative help to drive Her marketing and branding ideas out of  the abstraction of  Her head into concrete production. This latter activity has been HUGE for Her because underneath that friendly, funny, smiling appearance lies a very private, somewhat shy and retiring and reserved person. She’s complex.

People listen and they’re interested, even excited at first. Until they learn She has no money.  Then Poof! They are gone. We begin again.

But at long last in one area at least, our hard work is beginning to see the light of day. In February, She began working as a volunteer at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, the Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility.

She loves Her volunteer work with the Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society. Her joy is compounded by confidence in the fact that what She does there is having a direct and meaningful impact on the individual lives of our troops and their families.

Then on Saturday, March 13, I passed the skills and temperament evaluation conducted exclusively for dogs invited to be Pet Ambassadors for Scripps Health, a nonprofit, community-based health care delivery network That includes:

I have a pretty boss, too. A tall, cool splash of Pacific water with a thick mane of luscious, red hair. Her name is Michaele Bookstore and we are just giddy over our upcoming partnership. She heads up the program which only recently started in January of this year. Look at me, getting in in the ground floor of an amazing and important opportunity!

All I had to do was have my health and immunization record certified by my vet then just do what comes naturally– be cute. She, on the other hand, had to get fingerprint security clearance, a Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD test), an immunity status for Hepatitus B and chickenpox and confirmation of a MMR booster. People born in 1957 or later need to show evidence of having had a Measles shot since 1980. She had one in 1998. Oh, and She has to wear the uniform, not me.

Earlier That same week we literally stumbled into Teri, Inc. Teri is an acronym for Training, Education & Research Institute. TERI is a private, non-profit agency That specializes in serving individuals with needs That cannot be met by other existing programs. This includes services to persons living with autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, brain trauma, severe behavioral disorders, dual diagnoses, and learning disabilities.

This was right up Her alley! As a former educator, She has never lost Her zeal or passion for children’s literacy specific to this community, as well as those at-risk due to socio-economic stumbling blocks. So you can imagine Her joy when we got the word we were accepted as volunteers. The same stringent vetting process is in effect here, too.

We became fast friends with CBS News anchor, Katie Couric look-a-like, and proud bulldog owner herself, Erica Gonzales. Erica was so impressed with Her, she invited Her to choose the program She thought we would be best suited to serve. She chose The Learning Academy and The Country School.

Even as I write this, She is hard at work gathering material and information, preparing a presentation that will introduce me to the students and staff, explain how I can support their teaching and learning goals and explain the cognitive and physical health benefits of animals in the classroom. We also hope to dispel any prejudices and misinformation about my breed.

My Goodwill and Her good sense. It’s gonna be a one-two punch against ignorance and intolerance toward People living with cognitive differences. This is sooo much more fun than rolling about on a skateboard. Not That there’s anything wrong with That! BOL!

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day!

❝And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…❞

That’s life, today!

  1. HUGE congrats!! It may be when it rains it pours, but everything also happens for a reason so it’s ALL meant to be happening right now! I know you will be a GREAT ambassador of the breed! We’re VERY proud of both you & HER! :0)

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