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Sign-O-The Times

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♫Sign, sign
Everywhere a sign.
Blockin’ out the scenery.
Breakin’ my mind.
Do this. Don’t do that.
Can’t you read the sign..?♫

I wish I were more funny.  I like to think I’m a fun, funny sort of guy and I am when there is talking going on.  I enjoy repartee. Repartee: (n) Conversation marked by the exchange of witty retorts. Witty retorts that are sprinkled generously with allusion, sarcasm and irony. That’s the way I think and speak and relate to others in a nutshell.

That’s why I love it when I get email from People who send me stuff that’s fun or funny.  This time I got this article:

The Most Ironic Signs Of All Time

Signs are interesting. They’re brief. They’re concise. They tell you what you may or may not do, when or when not to cross, even help you to choose this or that burger.

These signs, though, are not precise. They’re ironic. ‘What’s ironic,’ you ask?  That’s a very good question. Irony is a literary technique used in writing. It’s also a verbal or rhetorical device so whether you know it or not, you can and do use irony in your everyday speech every day.

These signs are such excellent examples of this literary device, I’m simply going to encourage you to look at the signs and discuss how they are ironic amongst yourselves. I’d love to hear the definitions you come up with for irony.

That’s life today!

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day

❝And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…❞

❝And the sign said, ‘Everybody welcome.
Come in. Kneel down and pray.’
And when they passed around the plate to begin it all,
I didn’t have a penny to pay
So I got me a pen and a paper
And I made up my own little sign.
I said, “Thank you, Lord, for thinkin’ ’bout me.
I’m alive and doin’ fine.”❞

  1. @no pets alloud sign, lol, we have one kinda like that at my house, inbetween two no pets aloud sign it says “pet crossing”.

  2. Seriously I love this!!!!!

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