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What’s The WORD? Tell Me Brother, Have You Heard?

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Write One  Read DeuceAnd now.., a word about WORD.

❝ Two are better than one.., For if one should fall, the other one can raise his partner up. And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.❞

Know why I like this quote so much? Sure, it’s all right to do things by yourself sometimes, but isn’t it always way more fun when you have someone to do things with you? You even remember fun things better when there’s someone to share them with.

Well, animals are ideal reading companions. We help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure. Animals are attentive listeners. We don’t judge or criticize or giggle or make fun so you feel more comfortable, less self conscious and more confident reading aloud to us.

I’m an English bulldog and I care deeply about children reading and writing. I think reading and writing are fun things to do. That’s why I take my dual responsibilities as the OFFICIALunOFFICIAL English Bulldog Mascot and Pet Ambassador very seriously. I’m a champion for children’s literacy!

WORD is an acronym that stands for Write ONE ReaDEUCE. I listen to you read two (2) books to me and then I read what you write to tell me about the book or how you feel about the book. Did you like the story? Who was the main character? Which character was your favorite?  Did you like the photographs or illustrations in the magazine or article? Was it a serious story, or funny? Was it fiction, (something the author created), or non-fiction, (something about a real person or a real historical or social event)?

I’d really like to hear you reading. And I’d really like to read your writing. Would you like to read and write to me?

Let’s get together and see for ourselves how two really is better than one! Let’s become better, stronger, more confident readers and writers–  together!

WORD dogIf  you’re ready to read, I’m ready to lie down and listen.

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning”

That's life today!

This is a repost of a post that was originally published 10/12/2009


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