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Just Pick “C”

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That, I don' even remember what we were fighting about

It’s sad, so sad
It’s a sad, sad situation.
And it’s getting more and more absurd.
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t we talk it over?
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word
.– Elton John

Suddenly a friend kinda stops speaking to you. You can *feel* that emotional withdrawal; they are less friendly toward you. And what’s worse, you genuinely have no idea why he’s mad.

“What’s his problem?” you say to yourself. You’re certain it’s not anything you’ve done.

“If he has a problem, he should come to me about it!” you say. But really: What should you do?

A. Ignore him and hope he gets over himself
B. Throw up your hands and say “Oh well, then.”
C. Apologize

“Apologize? But I haven’t done anything wrong!” you say.

Well, thousands of years ago, someone else had the very same experience you’re having now. He heard someone else say this about the situation and wrote it down:

❝If you are bringing your gift to the altar and you remember your brother has something against you, leave your gift in front of the altar and go away; first make your peace with your brother, and then when you have come back, offer up your gift. Be about settling matters quickly with the one complaining against you❞

So did you pick C. Apologize? If you did, look in the mirror, smile your biggest smile at yourself and give yourself a big thumbs up! Instead of throwing the friendship away, you showed you valued the friendship and yourself by going to him, asking him what’s wrong, listening to him tell you, then clearing up the misunderstanding. Whew! It feels so much better to be friends again, now doesn’t it?

But it’s also scary to be the peacemaker. You will feel uncomfortable. The person who is mad at you may just want to stay that way. You have to be prepared for That as well. Doing the right thing is no guarantee of a peaceable result.

And what if all this emotional angst was over of some silly misunderstanding? He thought you said you liked his mom’s bed head when what you really said was you liked his mom’s red hair! That’s something totally different now isn’t it?

It’s hard to learn something new. It’s hard to say “I’m sorry.” Its hard to do the right thing. Noticing a pattern, here? The things that are really important and that are really worthwhile are hard. Life is hard. The good news is the more times you do it, the easier it gets until one day you hear yourself say “This is not so hard. What was I so afraid of?”

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day
❝And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…❞

You know, Brutus, I can't remember either. humpf (((BOL)))

That’s life today!

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