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Dorothy, I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore

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Poogles and Labradoodles and Schnoodles, Oh my! Cockapoos and Papipoos and Pekeapoos, Oh my! Maltpoos and Whoodles and Labbes, Oh my!

Have I lost my mind? Have I invented some new language? No!  These are all names of Designer Dogs!

I only just learned about the variety and sheer numbers of them yesterday when Morgan, a WORD Reader, came to me eager to show me photographs in her large format, picture book called Designer Dogs, Portraits and Profiles of Charismatic New Crossbreeds by D. Caroline Coile, with photography by Anna Kuperberg.

Morgan told me she likes “small and fat” dogs.  She rubbed my back as she talked about how much she liked fat dogs. Hmmm…

The directory in the back of the book lists over 400 recognized designer dogs along with their purebred parents. People are interested in designer dogs because they may want a dog small enough to live with in a compact apartment or to carry around in a bag in a crowded city. Or maybe a health concern makes it necessary to seek a dog that doesn’t trigger allergies.

Care with first and second generations along with selecting ethical breeders and monitoring of  parent stock could possibly create an interesting crossbreed. Designer dogs often are cute, displaying the best qualities of both breeds, but they can also be pretty expensive.  Some dogs are even very fragile and may develop a variety of complicated physiological and health problems.

American Eskimo +Bichon Frise = Bichomo
Doberman Pinscher + Poodle = Doodleman
Beagle + Labrador Retriever =Labbe
Bernese Mountain Dog + Mastiff = Montainn Mastiff
Bichon Frise + Shih Tzu = Zuchon

Think a designer dog is right for you? If so, first, do the research. After That, ask yourself: Why do I want this kind of dog? Am I ready to handle the responsibility?

Look for a reputable breeder with a verifiable track record. Owning and caring for a pet, any pet, is a huge and important responsibility. Be prepared to invest time, money and effort into the care and feeding of  your dog. But, please, don’t forget some of the cutest, smartest, most affectionate mixed breed dogs can be found in local shelters right here in your area and they cost a whole lot less.

Thanks for sharing your book with me, Morgan.  Thanks to you I learned something new!

Goodwill Energies I project toward each and every one of you each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That's life today


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