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TODAY Was A Good Day

In Animals and Pets, Art, Books, BulldogNation, Cartoons, Childrens' Literacy, K-12 Education, ThatOne WORD, Thats' Life, WORD Book of the WEEK on May 24, 2010 at 6:53 PM

I had the day off today.

So I organized my email, worked on my blog, and posted updates to the NATION on my Twitter.

I found out my anipal Gisele’s not feelin’ so good, so here’s a little somethin’ I hope will cheer her up:

Then I got caught up on my stories:

I was gonna read a book, but the ending kinda got spoiled for me:

So, as usual I went outside and enjoyed a little association:

Afterwards, I listened to some music by One of my favorite anibands:

I gotta say, it was a good day.

Goodwill Energies I project towards each and every one of you each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!

*photo Creds:
1. Underwater bulldog pix came from:
2. Defaced Marley&Me pix came from @Miss_Cakehead ‘s blog
3. Final That’s Life Today pix of Marley bulldog watchin’ That on TV courtesy @DolceGisele


  1. I have to dogs also . there golden reitrevers But there not very big for golden retrievers. There names are cali and Kaya. There still pretty young. Ben hyde.

  2. What an interesting blog, it is crazy funny! We totally ManLub it! And tanks for liking da Shibbering Cheetos video. U rock, dude!

  3. Lawlz, Thatmade my day

  4. hahaha lol that was really funny of the marley and me poster thing:) Jared 🙂

  5. It’s so random! I like his favorite soap opera! It was funny! And the pictures! that was funny too!

  6. i read to that one. but he sleeped the whole time i think that one is a one really good dog. have fun that one!

  7. Cool! You had a great day! We like all of the things you did, so much fun!! Thanks for listening to our music – you rock!

  8. That’s some real good swimming for a bulldog! But you look a little like a hippo! Heehee!
    Your friend @tigerthepup

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