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Memories And Memorials

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“Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, we will grieve not– rather find strength in what remains behind.” –Wilma Dean | Splendor In The Grass

I don’t have a lot of personal experience with death. Neither does She. We, neither of us, knows how it feels to be scored in the heart by the reality, and the realization, that someone, whose love was set firm and deep within it, will physically be no more– Never to be gazed upon or touched or heard or experienced ever again.

Several days ago One of the very first anipals I made on Twitter was in pain of heart. Her beloved cousin, Ping *The* Pomeranian, had died.

Ping’s tragic, three-day ordeal was shocking and unexpected for Maddy and her entire family. Something about a misdiagnosis, a failed course of treatment, and then, inevitably capitulation, to a soul thievin’ enemy called kidney failure.

And so now, we endeavor to find strength, not in our memorials, but in our memories…

Ping the Pomeranian was 13 years loved. He was a perfect fawn color with long tufts of straight, black hair that shot out of his otherwise fuzzy, Pomeranian ears like PingPom antenna.

Ping did not walk the earth the way ordinary canines with four feet do. No, rather he had a dignified equine step and a proud and purposeful prance that made it super abundantly clear to any and all onlookers, Ping The Pomeranian, was either COMING… or going.

PingPom did not suffer fools lightly. Although small in stature he was quite vocal when lifted off the ground. He did not take kindly to being spoken to directly, either. People were made to be seen, not heard. Or tolerated.

Like the Queen of England, no one looks directly upon, touches or addresses the Canine~age of The PingSee full size image Pom. Do they See full size imagenot know, or have they never learned, any Royal Canine protocol at all?

And who, constrained by the finite boundaries of language, or with clumsey, groping, unclean, mortal hands, danes to grasp the body– light, yet fantastic, of the Canine~age of the PingSee full size image Pom?

His was an attitude bigger than your everyday run of the mill, everyday diva-dog. His was Ping-Pattitude!

Ping was Cuban and proud. Not haughty; not so filled with Cubano-machismo he couldn’t appreciate that *real* men did indeed wear pink; a fact evidenced for all to see in his first snow video in which Ping unashamedly dons his cousin Maddy’s pink faux fur coat and booties and struts his stuff , and his confidence. He was all man– all the time.

Ping became affectionately known as PingPom by furriends on Twitter: Baxter, Ginger, Tooleh, Clyde, Iggy, and Maddy, his cousin, who all feel fortunate and privileged at this hour, to have shared this past Christmas, (in hindsight, his last), with Ping.

Ping’s brother, Goofy, preceded him to the Rainbow Bridge just this past year.

I’m certain he was waiting to receive Ping with open paws; to quiet a troubled mind and to pave over smooth his trail of tears.

Ping the Pomeranian is survived in love by his aniParents, Ana and Steve, aniAunt Susan and aniUncle “DrDaddy” (*Not* Dr. Dre. Or Pepper. Or Feelgood (OK, well, maybe Dr. Feelgood)) Robert, Cousins Maddy and Kayli, the #bullDogNATION community of anipals and furriends, and the entire Twitter anipal community world wide.

♫Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows lies the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes The Rose”–
The Rose | Bette Midler | 1980

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today.

  1. I have never had a loss that was comforted in such a touching, warm, and beautiful way ever before. The loss of my father when I was just a little girl was not met with such joyous outreaching of dignified and meaningful friendships with invisible yet bonds that tie. Thank you, thank you all, for the love, thoughts, sympathy, prayers, and hugs. We miss our Ping. With love, Susan, Bob, Maddy, Kayli, Minxy, Ana, & Steve

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