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Another Thing Happened on Memorial Day

In Animal Health, Animals and Pets, Television on June 1, 2010 at 7:57 PM

“I know you’ll understand my pain. My precious Maximus passed away yesterday…”

People have a saying: Death always comes in threes.

Everytime an anipal crosses over the Rainbow Bridge, it’s an occasion for sadness that is mirrored in the countenance and hearts of all who remain behind.

For our country, yesterday was Memorial Day, a day we set aside to honor our Service Members and War dogs.

But yesterday was also another kind of Memorial Day, more quiet, more private. The President did not place a wreath before this tombstone. There were no somber ceremonies. Today we lost a Soldier of Love– A black lab called Maximus.

“It’s almost as though I don’t know what to write because there’s so much. Getting through the tears while typing this is going to be difficult.”

And we hope, cathartic for our anipal, Melissa and Vegas, the yellow lab companion also left behind.

Maximus was born on May 25, 2002.  She just celebrated her 8th birthday.

“After seeing the movie Gladiator, I always knew I would name my first dog Maximus, ‘Maxie,’ because the meaning of the name is ‘Greatest'”!

She completely lived up to her name. She was the smallest but strongest in the litter. She beat up her brothers and sisters.

She had a personality that would light up a room– always smiling and happy to be around People.

Like all anipals, and in the NATION especially, Maximus considered herself, well, human. She was extremely loyal, smart and fiesty. Maximus was that one dog that could do anything and everything…

She had heart disease (enlarged heart), cancer of the spleen which caused internal bleeding, and fluid in her lungs. Given her condition the doctor was amazed she was still alive. Her prognosis was extremely poor. There was no hope of treatment. I had to put her down.”

Maximus is survived by her Person, Melissa, live- in anipal companion Vegas, the #bullDogNATION community of anipals and furriends, and the entire Twitter anipal community world wide. Please include @viamelissa in #pawprayers.

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today.

  1. Beautiful post! Our hearts go out to Melissa. Our dear Starbuck is at rainbow bridge and I’m sure he and our other loved ones are showing him around and playing with him. Big hugs and hearts during this tough time.
    Hampton, ZuZu and Starbuck & Mummy

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