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In Childrens' Literacy, Popular Culture, Popular Music, ThatOne WORD, Twitter on June 24, 2010 at 10:37 PM

Change. We don’t like it. Most of the time change is scary. It can be unpleasant. When we have to face the unknown, it’s not very confidence inspiring.

Change can be upsetting. It disrupts our normal routine. Sometimes change can take a while to get used to.

But not always. Not this time. See, this is a post announcing a change.

I need a place dedicated to championing children’s literacy and a separate place for me to kick it with my anipals and furriends. At ThatOne | EBD, both the blog and Twitter, quarters are starting to feel a skosh cramped. There’s not enough room fur the two of us.

ThatOne | EBD began as the place fur WORD: WriteOne ReadDeuce. WORD is my reading and writing program targeting the integral, component aspects of literacy: Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking, and Speaking or verbal expression.

@That1EBD is also the place to find information about AAA or Animal Assisted Activities including my work as a Pet Ambassador at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

On the other hand, #bullDogNATION is *our* spinoff social network. @emithebully characterized it as our #bullDogNATION meetup. I immediately liked That characterization. That’s exactly what #bullDogNATION is.

It’s the place where all anipals and furriends come together with their distinct voices to talk about People who talk mostly about dogs, but always a beloved anipal companion.

We’ll talk about sex (breeding), birth control methods (spay and neuter)– even fertility (artificial insemination) and birthing.

We’ll talk about puppies, dogs– animals all; their feeding and training, exercise, health, healthcare, science, medicine and proper nutrition. Oh, it’s gonna get heavy.

But we’ll also talk about travel, and vacations, toys and accessories. From collars to kennels it’s all about us, by us, for us. What FUBU is for People, #bDN is for anipals.

All That and still plenty of room for #bDN meetups, #bDN tweetups, themed #bDN stompaws, music, film, television, news and special events. Oh, I have a dream, NATION! Great plans and an even greater vision.

All you have to do now is

♫C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
We’re gonna love you right @lbbdn is YOU!

Tell all your furriends and followers to c’mon over, too! Retweet this blog post.

♫C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
It’s gonna serve you right #bDN is YOU!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…

I’m ThatOne and I approve this message!

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