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Silly Bulldog! Rescues Are Fur PEOPLE!

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All the Rabbit ever wanted was a bowl of Trix. He just never thought he could just ask fur it. Noooo. He immediately resorted to tricks, even donning disguises all for the chance to get next to a bowl of the raspberry red, lemon yellow, orange orange balls of puffed corn he craved.

But his single-minded zeal to enumerate the fruity deliciousness of the cereal would always result in an instantaneous falling away of his disguise. His cover blown, the children, who are always at first happy to share their cereal with the impostor, quickly discover he is neither  kid nor human. What he is, in fact, is an anthropomorphic cartoon rabbit, pretending to be something he is not in order to gain something he wants.

Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!

Over the last twenty years there has been a startling proliferation of 501c non-profit animal rescue groups. Seems just about anyone with a dollar and a dream can have one. Many of these People work hard and long caring for abandoned, abused, neglected, surrendered animals. They feel they fulfill their mission when they match formerly sick and miserable dogs with People who want and are able to provide nurturing and loving homes fur them. It’s about matching People with animals who need them.

But in recent years, many more have taken to trying to hide what they are, donning disguises to look appealing, building a fake facade of public trust mortared with a bond of maudlin sentimentality accompanied by the obligatory Greek chorus of Wailing, Whining, and Woe horror stories in order to get what they want. And just what do they want? Attention? Recognition? Praise? Money? Are the dogs merely a means to achieve their ends? The rescues, their disguise?

These once quiet (the operative word here being “quiet”) selfless, caring People have undergone a gradual yet seismic attitude metamorphosis, transforming from humble, mild-mannered, kind-hearted do-gooders wild about the human-animal connection into judgmental, intolerant, overly zealous, shrill crusaders for animal rights wilding out fur revenge, recklessly employing the time honored practice of hate-mongering through the use of  manipulative, hysterical emotionalism.

Not all animal rescues, shelters and charity 501c’s are the same. While some are 100% invested in their carefully crafted goals and objectives– their mission— matching animals in need with People who want them, others have taken on a more fanatical, less balanced approach with the primary objective being to acquire a level of sainthood fur themselves or to advance the notion that animal life and animal rights are more important, preferred– even more valued perhaps– than human life or human rights. Case in point:

Submitted fur your approval, this borderline hysterical response to a November 18 dated #bullDogNATION! blog post on the subject of forgiveness entitled “What Is Love?”:

SanDiego wrote:


you are a wise bulldog, BUT, you do not see the worst of the worst of people EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE doing rescue. You do not see the horrors first hand (THANK GOD). You do not see the terrified, emaciated, lost souls that can barely be saved. You have not sobbed into the lifeless fur of those that could not be saved, no matter how much love nor money was spent, no matter how many sleepness nights were spent caring, praying and BEGGING God.

You see, I am all about forgiveness, where it’s DESERVED. But, when there is a MONSTER amongst us, profiting GREATLY and living the good life just because he so happens to have a “talent” that is in NO WAY SHAPE or FORM useful to the human race, does NOTHING FOR the human race besides provide stupid “entertainment”, well, that’s where you and I disagree.

There are people who make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven. Then, there are sociopathic, cruel, heartless monsters who have done deeds so incredibly evil, one cannot waste the good space left  in their heart forgiving them. When Vick sends every dog rescue in this country his entire mutli-million dollar salary for several years, I just ‘might’ reconsider. But I seriously doubt it. Once a monster, ALWAYS a monster. And I don’t say that easily. But, in THIS case, it is well deserved.”

A Cartoon of a Bulldog Sitting - Royalty Free Clipart PictureSilly bulldog–  Rescues are fur– People?

Disclaimer:  No animals were harmed during the writing of this post.

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!

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