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So Be It Amen

In Children's Literacy, K-12 Education, Love, ThatOne WORD on December 28, 2010 at 12:22 AM

♫I am not in love
But I’m open to persuasion…

Okay, I admit, I’m not much for list making. I could never write a personal ad:

SWNM Likes nipping at sprinklers and kicking it in shallow water. Prefers People.

Aannnnd… Brain freeze! I rather write about things going on around me than about me.

So I had a hard time with this assignment I chose to give myself. Then I began to study on my stroller. The Thatmobile as we like to call it here at ThatOne WORKS. Where I work.

The Thatmobile. I never leave home without it. It has always, always, always been the seat of the most extraordinary of joyful experiences fur Her and me. I get a lot of goodwill from strangers every where I go. Whenever I appear on my three wheels People feel free to be their best selves. People run and go grab their cameras so they can take my picture. Sometimes it gets a little crazy. Basically, I’m the Britney Spears of bulldogs! BOL!

♫With a friend
I can smile…

I wish People could be with each other the way they are with me. When I roll onto the scene, they exclaim, they break out into spontaneous smiles, they erupt with laughter. They are always so free with the compliments:

“You are soooo cute!” they enthuse, or

“You are the most beautiful bulldog I have ever seen!” they exclaim, or

“You have a face only a mother could love!” That is a compliment, NATION, trust me. You have to be there. To which She always replies “And I do!”

They grab my jowls and squeal and grin close to my face. They lose their minds when I kiss them or when I open my mouth to yawn and I look like a muppet face– Bert or Ernie, the way their pilled, fabric faces crack completely in horizontal half.

They marvel at my wrinkles and my muscular shoulders and animated luxation. They speak in unison as they spontaneously recall Warner Bros’ Hector or Hana Barbera’s Spike and stick their elbows out joyfully caricaturing my wide stance.

They laugh uproariously and smile so broadly. No one ever asks my nationality or what religion I embrace, or inquire about my politics or try to determine what part of the world I’m from or inquire about my accent. (What? Ain’chu never noticed my New York accent before?) BOL!

♫Make love with affection
Sing me another love song
But this time
With a little dedication
Sing it, sing it
You know that’s what I like

Once more with feeling–

They never ask what I do, or how much money I make or who I’m wearing. They don’t care about the make or model of the car I drive, whether I have an advanced degree, what my sexual preference is or whether I prefer paper or plastic.

And the best part: they trust every word I say. They’re not on their guard trying to “catch” me at anything, or decipher my “code” speak or uncover my “hidden” agendas. They’re not interpreting my body language. They have complete confidence in what I say and how I say it.  Reality is reality. I am as I am perceived, being always, all the time, 100%, Not from Concentrate, no artificial anything– me.

We depart on a tsunami of Goodwill. The feeling’s strong and lasts long. She’s happy. I’m happy. Everybully is Happy! Happy oh my friends. Yeah. I wish People could be like that with each other.

To paraphrase Prince in 1999:

♫Mommy, why doesn’t everybully have a bulldog?

In 2011, I want everybully I meet to experience more JOY. So fur the first time ever in my three years of life, I have come up with a short list. A short list of resolutions fur 2011. To the Thatmobile! We’re gonna walk and, unlike Lot’s famous, no-name Wife, we gonna walk and don’t look back. These are my goals.

To the Thatmobile! 2011

To the Thatmobile!

The Real Deal on three wheels.

RESOLVED: DO more in 2011.
Notice the emphasis is on the word DO. I can always do my best and that’s a lot. I’m not interested in amassing more things. I just want to do.  More. Doing produces quiet understanding. “More” produces noisy self aggrandizement, prideful, showy displays and greed.

To the Thatmobile!

Mental and Nervous and Peace of Mind or M&N&POM

RESOLVED: Avoid the intersections of Wail, Whine and Woe in 2011. Neither yield to the spirit of complaint nor tarry long in the company of Complainers.
Inequality, unfairness, imbalance, poverty, lucklessness– man’s inhumanity to both man and beast will always be with us and has been so since the sin of Adam. It’s easy to focus on murder and death and agony and suffering and pain and sorrow. There’s so much of it everywhere. It’s easy to Google. Lookie Lou’s are everywhere all over! People slow down at traffic accidents don’t they?

Focusing on good is a lot harder. A lot! There are far fewer examples. They are less interesting. There’s no blood. No need fur angels or Sarah McLachlin. Ain’ nobody cryin’. They’re not incendiary, sensational, provocative. They’re boring. People don’t open up wallets fur campaigns of JOY.

To the Thatmobile!

It’s not you. It is me.

RESOLVED: Become a better, more intuitive, genuinely empathetic Listener.

How can I help you if I really haven’t heard a word you’ve said? It  is about you. You are first.  You’re more important.  You’re the reason I’m here. YOU. Seeing. Breathing. Being. Right here. Right now. Right in front of me.

To the Thatmobile!

There’s no room fur Judge Bully.

RESOLVED: Bark less.

Grrr snap judgements. There really are two sides to every One’s story. And then there is what really happened. What behaviorists call “rational inattentiveness.” Even Jesus Christ had to ask: “What is truth?” What’s up wit that? Unless the matter is being adjudicated in a court of law, or mediated by a third party, or you’re married or otherwise happily committed, no One person ever really knows for a certainty what the truth is. So STOP JUDGING! Let love rule!

To the Thatmobile!

Gonna garden my heart.

RESOLVED: Weed the word “hate” from my everyday vocabulary.

Hate has no place in this race. Keep hate outta my heart, off’a my lips and outta my space!
(((((((Goodwill Energies))))))) projected on me!  (((((((Goodwill Energies))))))) project on me.

So be it.

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today.

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