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28 Days

In ThatOne WORD on February 1, 2011 at 10:41 PM

♫Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go
Straight to my lover’s heart for me

Click and listen to Sam Cooke's "Cupid"Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.Will Punxsutawney Phil’s 125th year prognostication mean six more weeks of winter or is Spring happily on it’s way?


I like winter. Changes in the weather don’t upset me or get me down. I like snow, but not because I’ve ever experienced it myself, mind you, but because She has. She has fond memories of snow in New York. It makes the world feel quiet. Things seem to stand pleasantly still.

It’s a particular comfort to be warm and cozy indoors. A day off from school or work with a clear conscience, no excuses or being ill or grieving the loss of a family member– A day off that’s a welcomed, refreshing relief from the routine. She always says She emerged refreshed from those unplanned hibernations.

For a certainty, it’s a shared experience, something that brings People together, something fur them to talk about at least. And tell their grand kids.

Sure snow’s a pain. You have to shovel it. It snarls traffic and makes driving hazardous. It’s cold. It’s inconvenient. But that can be said about a lot of other things, too. Too much of anything can get to be.., well, too much!

February is the month of love. Valentine’s Day is February 14th. I don’t go in much fur occasions manufactured to stimulate commerce, but lots of People think it’s a fun convention. It’s another excuse to shop, yes, but anything that helps to remind People how important another person is to them can’t be all bad. Especially in these strange days when People seem to need to be  reminded constantly of so many things.

Punxsutawney Phil. I'm 125!

February is African American History Month. Ostensibly, it’s a month set aside fur reflecting on the achievements and contributions of African Americans to the American experience. It’s supposed to make People appreciate they’re more alike than they are different.

Over a relatively brief period of time (1976), the significance of the month has diminished. The initial earnestness has long faded. The same level of reverent reflection April brings fur the Holocaust is sadly lacking in February. The first response She always encounters from others is the flippant observation that February is the shortest month of the year. Which means what?

That African American History Month is in February is revealing. It casts a blitzkrieg spotlight on how Blacks are generally regarded in America. Blacks did not immigrate to America. They did not establish regional conclaves where they were able to preserve their languages, their histories and their cultures.

That they were forced to speak only English or the language of their Slave owner and to practice foreign religions is a huge, gaping hole that will never be filled no matter how many redundant invectives Kanye or Jay Z or whoever cleverly  insert into their “art” or how many People learn to love  rap and hip-hop or grits and jazz. Or Oprah.

It doesn’t seem too much to expect 28 days be set aside to collectively reflect on the loss of a human Self and psyche and to celebrate the rebuilding of  them up again literally from nothing. That this country begrudgingly, irreverently sets aside 28 days in the dead of winter to barely acknowledge 400 years that successfully, thoroughly, completely and irrevocably obliterated entire nations and Tribes and Peoples and Tongues– Like the Dodo– never to be resurrected again, reveals the true content of its character.

Ironic, too, that, since the release and success of the 1993 Bill Murray/Andie McDowell film, Groundhog’s Day, the expression, has become idiomatic with what is also pejoratively acknowledged as the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, hoping fur a different result.

Interesting coincidence. Groundhog Day. African American History Month. Valentine’s Day. February. 28 days…  and love.

♫Cupid, please hear my cry and let your arrow fly
Straight to my lover’s heart for me

Goodwill Energies I project
Upon each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”


That’s life, today!

  1. Is good one, That One. In basement of Federal Building in Richland WA a wonnerful display on Black History Month and Womanses is set up. My hoomans used to take the kids every year. But is odd, huh? That hoomanses set aside times while arguing inequities do not need to be still addressed. And at da dog parks most of my furends do not have one race but are everything, while me with pedigree, I has congenital weaknesses. An we all plays together. An dey lubs dere peoples and dere peoples lubs dem the same. Like duh. Peoples is funny.

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