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In Antisemitism, History, K-12 Education, Prejudice, Racism on March 6, 2011 at 11:04 AM

Hello! And to #bullDogNATION’s Sunday BULLY Pulpit where each week we gather together fur the Gospel and the Gossip According to… Me. Or you!

This week– the gossip. Charlie Sheen. He’s stolen the moral outrage rhetoric right from under the satin ruching of John Galliano. Grrrr…

You know, John, it’s 2011. When you gonna get hip to the fact that antisemitism is not cool, not accepted, not condoned, not even winked at. Why do People like you say and do the things you do and most importantly, why do you hang on to these detestable sentiments? I don’t understand where your hate comes from, Galliano. What drives it? What’s the impetus fur it? I do not understand!

I could at least understand racists. Racists give you loads of things you can actually disagree with. There is the ignorance. There is the unreasonable fear. There is the inexplicable ambivalence. Distrust. Disrespect. The behaviors are learned so they can be unlearned. There may be even be an aversion to dark complexions and hair texture and facial features and speech patterns and enunciation. Right, John Mayer? I can understand just not appreciating music or art or poetry– or voice volume.

I can understand the xenophobe. Language difference is an impediment to conversation, to understanding. Cultural differences and language may look, feel, and sound– well– foreign. Xenophobes experience fear, even anxiety. OK. But antisemitism? Or declaring out loud and in public you “love Hitler?” What is up with That?

I know what Nazi antisemitism means. She’s from the Bronx, remember?  Nazi antisemitism is rooted in the mistaken belief that Jews and successful Jewish businesses were the source for a variety of political, social, economic, and ethical problems facing the German people. Poor, struggling, unsuccessful Germans were jealous, envious and suspicious of poor, struggling, successful-seeming Jews.

Mr. Galliano is British. Is this like a secret, underground British sentiment, that Jews are responsible fur “a variety of political, social, economic and ethical problems” in England? Mel Gibson expressed a similar sentiment. He said he thought Jews were “responsible fur all the wars in the world.” Mel Gibson is Australian. Is this is smoldering, carefully suppressed sentiment present in Australia?

What’s going on politically, socially, economically and ethically in England and Australia that is compelling  these wealthy, successful pillars of their communities to have the freeness of speech to spin their heads 360 degrees and spew the green stuff? Not even Linda Blair’s Regan in The Exorcist could pull both off at the same time. And that in public! Around People who all have cell phone cameras at the ready!

And here all this time I thought antisemitism had to do with disagreeing with the Jewish religious position that Jesus is not the Son of God. That’s how it was always presented when She was in school. There’s history to support that argument as well. Antisemitism is going on here in America, too. Here. Dig fur yourself:

Antisemitism in History: From the Early Church to 1400 »
Antisemitism in History: The Early Modern Era, 1300-1800 »
Antisemitism in History: The Era of Nationalism, 1800-1918 »
Antisemitism in History: Racial Antisemitism, 1875-1945 »
Antisemitism in History: World War I »

Instead, everybully’s talkin’ about Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen likes porn stars and prostitutes– so does Bill Maher! Neither Billy Bush nor Jeff Rossen are sitting down with him! Charlie’s havin’ a public nervous breakdown, so what? Aren’t we all just a skosh tired of  all that  anyway? Let’s see.., Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Owen Wilson, Michael Richards, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan… who else? (Insert whoever else you immediately recall here _________________).

At least the French are not going to just blithely dismiss the Galliano expressions or the behavior. In France, that kind of speech is neither tolerated nor protected. French prosecutors said Galliano will face allegations of “public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” of three people. John Galliano has been ordered to stand trial for allegedly making racial insults during an altercation at a Paris cafe last week. The trial could take place between April and June, officials said. If convicted, Galliano could face up to six months in prison and the equivalent of about $31,000 (US) in fines.

At least Charlie Sheen had the wherewithal to just be publicly hostile towards his ex-wives and leave Hitler out of it.

This has been ThatOne from the Sunday Bully pulpit.  Now you say what?

Until next week…

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

#bullDogNATION!Sunday Bully Pulpit.

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