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♪♫And Happiness Is Just An Allusion!

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Talk about Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking and Speaking! One of my oldest and bestest bullTwitts asked me “What’s in Knoxville?

Boy, what you don’t know about Knoxville is a lot! I immediately thought.

Now what you may have come to know and lub about me is, fur a bulldog, I’m a pretty huge movie butt– uh.., I mean buff.

That line I just quoted was not an original thought. Rather it paraphrases a line from one of my favorite movies, 1987’s Moonstruck. Moonstruck was directed by Norman Jewison and starred Cher as Loretta Castorini, the role fur which she won the  first of two career Academy Awards,  and Nicolas Cage, as Ronny  “I lost my hand..!!!” Cammareri; Olympia Dukakis, as Loretta’s long suffering mother, Rose, Vincent Gardenia,  Rose’s cheating husband, Cosmo, Danny Aiello as Ronny’s older brother and Loretta’s fiance, Johnny, and John Mahoney.

John Mahoney plays Perry, a college professor trying to hang onto lost youth by chasing after young girls who happen also to be his students.

One evening Perry chances upon Rose Castorini, the role that garnered Olympia Dukakis the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, dining alone in her favorite restaurant in Brooklyn where the story takes place.

Rose suspects Cosmo, her husband of 40 years played by Vincent Gardenia, is having an affair with a younger woman. She is hurt but determined she will not break her marriage vow:

“I’m not going to invite you in…” She says to Perry who has offered to walk her home.

“Not because I’m married, but because I know who I am!

Her marriage will not fail! She then asks Perry …

Why do men chase women?


I think it’s because they fear death.

Maybe. Listen. You wanna know why I
chase women? I find women charming.
I teach these classes I’ve taught
for a million years. The spontaneity
went out of it for me a long time
ago. I started off, I was excited
about something and I wanted to share
it. Now it’s rote, it’s the
multiplication table. Except
sometimes. Sometimes I’m droning
along and I look up, and there’s
this fresh young beautiful face, and
it’s all new to her and I’m this
great guy who’s just brilliant and
thinks out loud. And when that
happens, when I look out among those
chairs and look at a young woman’s
face, and see me there in her eyes,
me the way I always wanted to be and
maybe once was, then I ask her out
on a date. It doesn’t last. It can
go for a few weeks or a couple of
precious months, but then she catches
on that I’m just a burnt out old
gasbag and that she’s as fresh and
bright and full of promise as
moonlight in a martini. And at that
moment, she stands up and throws a
glass of water in my face, or some
action to that effect.

What you don’t know about women is a


While I was in
I went to Market Square. There are shops and eateries that line either side of the park. I saw this display in the window of one of them–  A red dress made entirely of gift tissue paper.

♪♫I saw this red dress in Market Square And so I stopped my stroll
I thought that was bully cool
That’s bully cool!

Immediately I thought of my favorite line from Gone With The Wind.

Scarlett and Ashley have been caught by the upstanding ladies in an embrace in her general store and lumber mill. It gets around town they are having an affair.

Cut to: Ashley’s birthday and Melanie is having a party fur him. Rhett and Scarlett are invited but Rhett is so consumed with rage and jealousy over her seemingly indefatigable love for Ashley Wilkes that he forces her to wear a red dress to the party adding:

“Put on plenty of rouge! I want you to look your part tonight!”

When Scarlett arrives at the party to the shock of everybully present, instead of snubbing her, Melanie greets her warmly with:

“Mrs. Meade, here’s our dahling Scarlett.”

But even more fun than Melanie’s unexpected response to Scarlett’s red dress is Loretta Castorini’s unexpected response to her fiance, Johnny Cammareri, a man she does not love, btw, breaking their engagement in Moonstruck.

Loretta, I can’t marry you.


If I marry you my mother will die.

What the hell are you talking about? We’re engaged!

Loretta, what are you talking about?


I’m talking about a promise. You proposed to me!


Because my mother was dying! But now she’s not.

You’re forty-two years old, Johnny, and Mama is still running your life!

And you are a son who doesn’t love his mother!

And you’re a big liar! I’ve got your ring on my finger right here!

I must ask for that back.

Loretta struggles and pulls off the ring.

Here! Take your stupid pinky ring. (she throws it at Johnny) Who needs it? The engagement is off.

Mr. Johnny retrieves the ring.

In time, you will see that this is the best thing.

In time, you will drop dead, and I will come to your funeral in a red dress.

That red dress in the window made me recall and allude to two of my favorite movies: Gone With The Wind and Moonstruck. My reply to @Jen_Kvids employed allusion.

Allusion is a figurative reference to a previous work, idea or historical event to make a comparison. Its purpose is to provide a figurative image that links the literary work to that previous work or historical event.

Allusion is used to help your audience, whether that audience is the Reader or the Listener make meaning through the context of the alluded to or referenced work or idea. It’s one of several literary devices literate People use. Allusion facilitates, supports and enhances reading, writing, thinking, listening and speaking. And it’s a whole lot of fun because you are always realizing how one thing connects to another thing.

And now you know what I know. What other thing does That remind you of?

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!Trupanion Pet Insurance Logo


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