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Big Bad And Bobby Socks!

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You know She loves Bugs Bunny. You also know is Her #2 favorite Bugs Bunny film of them all!

♫♪♫The five o’clock whistle’s on the blink,
The whistle won’t blow and whadd’ya think?
My Pop is still in the factory ’cause he don’t know
What time it happens to be.

Little Red bobby soxer is singing a Glenn Miller tune and skipping along through the woods in her red, hooded cape, bobby socks and oversized oxfords on her way to Grandma’s house to deliver a bunny rabbit fur Grandma “ta’ have!”

She’s loud. She’s a girl. She wears glasses, which, back in 1944 when this film was released, was the oh so not-so-subtle, politically incorrect way to say she’s an insufferable, nerdy bookworm.

The woods is a treacherous place full of predatory wolves who would love a ration free meat meal. Enter Big Bad Wolf.

He notices Lil’ Red and the basket complete with the rabbit inside. He races ahead of Red to Grandma’s house.

He removes Grandma’s note fur Red from the door, disguises himself in one of Grandma’s gowns, and hops into bed to lie in wait fur the unsuspecting Lil’ Red.

Like I said, the woods is a dangerous place full of wolves in Grandma’s clothing. Big Bad has to kick out four of them he finds already hiding in the bed ahead of him!

“C’mon, c’mon! Take a powder! He yells. This is my racket!” Once the interlopers are dispatched, Big Bad waits, eagerly anticipating Lil’ Red’s noisy arrival.

Even with the aid of those enormous glasses, Lil’ Red barely recognizes Grandma. She’s too preoccupied with getting through all the familiar lines of the story to register any alarm about Grandma’s changed appearance. Like I said, she’s a nerdy bookworm.

“Hey Grandma! That’s an’ awfully big nose fur you–  Ta’ HAVE!”

The 1944 audience watching this film in theaters would have laughed uproariously at this cartoon, with all it’s clever allusions to pop culture and references to the war.

The Great Depression was still preoccupying the collective consciousness of the American public. This cartoon would have been a welcome escape fur many from soup lines, unemployment, and households with husbands and fathers fighting in World War II.

The film would have also stirred the patriotic passions and pride of many Americans, particularly women, who where working to support the war effort here at home working in  factories and defense plants such as Lockheed which is referenced in the feature. That’s the reason Grandma wasn’t sitting around at home waiting fur Lil Red.

Frank Sinatra fans waiting on line, Pittsburgh, PA, December 11th, 1943.Audiences would have gotten a chuckle out of Lil’ Red’s muscular physique as well as her  familiar, obligatory uniform of the young bobby soxer.

Bobby soxers were the devout fans of Frank Sinatra. They were the Beliebers of their era, bursting out in public displays of hysterical screaming and crying whenever even so much as the name of Frank Sinatra was mentioned.

I think that’s why She loves Bugs Bunny and Warner Bros. cartoons. They’re still funny after all these years. And they teach so much!

Little Red Riding Rabbit is Her #2 favorite Warner Bros./Bugs Bunny feature. I’ll tell you about Her #1 WB favorite sometime. In the meantime, you’ll just have to be content with the bulldog retelling of this one. BOL!

Goodwill Energies I project
On each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!


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