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The History Of The Thatmobile

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Over and over I get inquiries about my Thatmobile. The one I have now is actually my third Thatmobile. The first one She got at a yard sale fur $5.00. It was a regular, used, baby People stroller.

As you can plainly see, I got a lot of use out of this stroller. A lot! But as you know, I like to go to the beach where there is sand and parks where there’s rough terrain. So in July, 2009 fur my second birthday, She got me this:

Suspension motion on the Back Trail Pet StrollerI simply cannot effuse enough in praise of this stroller. I lubbed lubbed Lubbed it! All my most favorite, fondest and happiest times took place with me in this stroller!

The Back Trail Pet Stroller had a “thick and sturdy steel collapsing/folding frame, two leashes and a removable/washable comfort pad. Rugged and beefy rubber pneumatic tires that really negotiated sand and nature trails well, a specially designed spring-assisted rear suspension that performed like shock absorbers and rear brakes” that effectively prevented the 3-wheel stroller from rolling when unattended.Handle and cup holder/tray features

Rear features of the back trail strollerFront features of the all-terrain strollerThe nylon fabric with white, implemented mesh kept me protected from the sun and afforded me some privacy when I needed to be concealed from pupperazzi. She lubbed the super thick, cushioned ergonomic handle that made pushing the stroller easy and comfortable as well as the convenient dual cup holder and storage compartment that was great fur our iBone.

The all-terrain pet stroller also featured a bottom storage compartment, a rear zippered opening with a small window and a front step and front retractable awning/opening so I could get in or out of the stroller either way and mostly by myself! That was bully cool!

The minuses:  It was a bit difficult to immediately fold. Sometimes you had to try a couple times, and you couldn’t easily put anything in or take things out of the basket underneath once I was in the stroller. The tires needed to be inflated often which was a chore, especially after the stroller languished in the hot car after several days. But it folded flat in the car and was not especially heavy.

The Back Trail all-terrain pet stroller was cool to look at, with a compact, square shape She found appealing, and the reflector racing strips added safety value in the daytime and at night. They looked cool. We especially lubbed the blue color, too!

This stroller was manufactured in China and the model has been discontinued. I learned all of this after my stroller was stolen on June 21, 2010 just shy of my having it one year. Otherwise, I would have reordered this one again. I still highly recommend it!

I needed a new Thatmobile right away to continue my therapy and Pet Ambassador work. I’m especially heat intolerant due to the fact that I am a brachycephalic breed. Heat exhaustion is a real concern, neither can I keep up a brisk pace fur minutes and minutes on end, so the stroller is really necessary equipment fur the active bulldog who is always on the go. Like me!

So She quickly got me this:

The good things about this stroller is that it is larger and longer, and the tires don’t need air. The front wheel can be fixed or swivels. However, you cannot fix it in the more useful outward position as shown below. It can only be fixed in the inward facing position pictured above.

Also, if you fix the front wheel like this it will not fold flat fur storage.

The Pet Gear stroller boasts a 60 lb capacity but I weigh 44 lbs and there is just enough room fur me. Two small dogs, like silky terriers could fit comfortably; two bulldog puppies, maybe, but not two adult bulldogs.

It collapses quite easily, however a design flaw is that the lock latch does not reach the latch extension, so your stroller will open and not stay flat if you store it on its side in the car like She does. She secures mine in the car with a bungee cord.

The basket is longer than the Back Trail stroller but it is also more shallow and positioned too close to the front wheel, so if you put anything in it, it causes the basket to rub against the front wheel while the stroller is in motion. My basket has a hole where it’s been worn through by the front wheel.

The Back Trails had a steel safety rail in front which was also convenient fur resting my heavy head. Pet Gear does not so do not use this stroller without leashing your dog in. Also this stroller is completely unsuitable fur excitable dogs who cannot be relied on to sit still. They can tumble out or even jump out of this stroller.

This stroller can be ordered online through an independent dealer who contracts with . We did have issues which was a bit of a frustration, but the dealer was quick about resolving them.

Many furriends travel in folding canvas wagons. They’re useful. I like them. But my Thatmobile is welcomed at the mall, in bookstores, in schools and hospitals, on the sidewalks– The Thatmobile stroller is more practical fur my lifestyle. The canvas wagon may work best fur yours.Fold It & Go Wagon with Canopy - Blue

So there you have it and now you know the history of the Thatmobile! BOL!

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day.

❝And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…❞

That’s life today.

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