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Bucket List

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People are bunny– uhp– I mean funny.

(I lub this cartoon!)

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People. They’re always making lists they call “bucket” lists. A bucket list is a list of things they want to do before they “kick the bucket” which is an idiomatic expression that means “before they die.”

The phrase probably originates from the notion that when People hanged themselves (you can see the fun startin’ already), they did do by standing on a bucket with a noose around their necks, then kicking the bucket away. You see this depicted a lot in cartoons and old westerns.

People are funny.

I mean, why make a list? It’s not like on the last day or in the final hour you’re really gonna be mentally rehearsing all those things you did that proved you appreciated life or that you were indeed “experiencing” life to the fullest. Still, it got me to thinkin’–

So I came up with the “bully bowl” list. There’s only one item on my list though because you see, I’ve decided…

I am going to LIVE

Until I die.

Who’s with me?

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!


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