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Literacy Learning Is

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ThatOne, here! The world’s bulldog Champion Fur Children’s Literacy! I’m here today as a public service to promote children’s literacy. Not only do I want everybully to be able to read and write, I want everybully to be whole, literate, thinking People all the time. ‘Cause I’m the Champion Fur Children’s Literacy!

People should be thinking all the time
Thinking all the time
Thinking all the time

Thanks, Eddie.

What'choo talkin' 'bout, That?

Well, Literacy is the ability to read and write.

Dictionary.comdefines literacy as:  

So is simply knowing how to read and write enough to make one a literate Person?

With reference to textbooks, an ancient writer once wrote:

“To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion [to them] is wearisome to the flesh.” Eccl 12:12

Even way back then, there were way too many cooks– uhp– I mean books. Yes, textbooks contain a wealth of important information. They’re useful. I love them! But really, with the vast array of subjects and topics and interesting things to do and know today, how much time could you reasonably devote to reading them all?

Visited the library lately? Just look at all the books on the shelves there already. Do you think reading just one book on any one subject would be enough?

And what about your schools and teachers? Can they be expected to provide all the knowledge and information you need to help you become a successful, contributing member of today’s rapidly changing, increasingly integrated, global society? 


That’s why literacy learning is so important. Literacy, in all its aspects, involves Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Thinking. Literacy learning completely integrates the whole Person and the totality of  life’s experiences.

Being a literate Person involves more than mastery of the conventions of reading and writing. It’s more than merely being able to read and write. Literacy is the ability, together with a strong, compelling desire, to learn how to learn.

A literate Person is, in a WORD, a thinking person. They not only know where to get answers to their own questions, they know how to get them as well. They have learned how to learn. They also appreciate learning is a lifelong phenomenon. It quite literally is the never ending story. But it doesn’t have to be all work. Opportunities fur learning are ubiquitous. That means everywhere present!

Don’t believe me?  Okay, so what are you looking at right now? Now think about it– Everything has a beginning. That shirt you’re wearing has a maker. Every building has an architect. Every book has an author. Every word has a meaning. Every answer brings up another question. That’s being a literate Person.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Pedagogy of Oppressd Ppr)

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire forcefully articulated that genuine learning can only occur within a context that is meaningful and relevant to the learner. Literacy, he insisted, is an active phenomenon, deeply linked to personal and cultural identity.

Its power lies not in a skill based ability to read and write, but rather in an individual’s capacity to put those skills to work to make meaning fur his or her self in the world. 

Literacy involves Reading. Writing. Listening. Thinking. And Speaking. I’m always modeling literacy behaviors. Each are grrreat and fun to do. Here. Take a look at what I just wrote! Umma call this

Literacy Seuss!

You can do them all alone.
You can do them in a group.
You can do them while at school,
When at work or on the stoop.
You can only just do this
or you can just do that
Read and Write combine the pair
It doesn’t matter Let them stare
You are thinking “I don’t care!”
You can Listen, Think and Speak all the time
and any where!

Did I sound like Dr. Seuss? Maybe just a little bit? BOL! See? Literacy rocks!

That’s why I am your enthusiastic and tireless Champion fur Children’s Literacy! And why I’m always sniffing out interesting and fun ways to encourage Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking and Speaking.

WORD dogRead my blog. Click on the highlighted links and read some more about the People, places and things I blogged about! Read what others are saying about what they’ve read.

WORD dogWrite a comment on my blog. Shoot me an e-mail. Follow me on. Friend me on Look! Four fun avenues fur you to write. And the best part–I lub to read what you write!

WORD dogListen to the music and the videos I link or actually include in my blog, and to what others are saying about my blog or the content.

WORD dogThink about the things you’ve read about on my blog. What have you learned? What have you learned about what you already know? Any questions? Think about the answers to your questions. Need more information? How would you go about finding it?

WORD dogSpeak talk about what you read with others. Each one Teach one. Teach someone else what you’ve learned. Speak about what you think with your parents, teachers, and friends. Even your furriends! BOL! You just might have your very own personal WORD Reader dog sittin’ right there next to you. Or lyin’ there. BOL!

Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking, and Speaking. So much better than just knowing how to read and write!

Goodwill energies I project
Upon each and ever one of you
Each and every day

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning..”

That’s life today!


♫♪♫When I’m Not Lickin’ My Two Feet..!

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A few months ago, a concerned bully brought this observation to the NATION:

How about a bully who licks too much? Bubs licks her paws constantly.

Ahh, foot lickin’. I do it. You do it. Bullys all do it. Foot lickin’.  I do it so much, I wrote a song about it. Like’ta hear it?  Here it go:

I’m— a— Bulldog with a first name it’s T * H * A * T  –That!
I’m a bulldog with a second name it’s One O * N * E — One!
Oh.., I like to eat and sleep and Tweet
When I’m not lickin’ my two feet—
And there you have it. Plain to see
I’m T * H * A * T *O * N * E

Granted, foot licking looks pawsitively awful to People, especially People who don’t know us very well and even the who do live with and love us. It sounds pretty nasty, too. People wonder why we do it. What are we doing?  Is there something wrong with us or worse, is it harmful?

Yes. And could be!

Foot licking is a sign. It’s your body tryin’ ta tell you somethin’ and you need to pay attention! It’s a symptom. And it’s a symptom that may take you in many directions. But first, let me share a little of my own story. *Cue violins*

Hi.  I’m ThatOne, and I am– a foot licker.

Hi, That.


I was an obsessive, noisy, sloppy  foot licker, presenting with throaty umphings, wet, slobbery sounding slurping, fly biting behavior and tongue flicking, and then almost manic, obsessive attention to my feet and one foot in pawticular.

I could go on maniacally licking my feet for hours if She’d ever let me. Which She NEVER did! She knew right away when I started presenting these behaviors something serious was going on up in here but She didn’t panic and She didn’t go running off to the vet.  She always does a few things in this order first:

  • The benign wait-and-see
  • Internet/Research
  • Common sense at home, OTC (over-the-counter) remedy
  • Vet.

At first, She decided I was maybe not intellectually stimulated enough. So whenever I started with the foot licking, She would leash me up and we’d go out fur a vigorous walk. She’d also let me wander about and sniff fur as long as I wanted. When I came back in, I never returned to the behavior.  Hypothesis: Foot licking is a symptom of boredom. The Solution: Go fur a walk when you start with the behavior. Get some exercise.

Hypothesis: You may have an allergy. It may be an environmental allergy or it could be a food allergy. The Solution: You may need to change the brand of food you’re eating or eliminate that favorite dried chicken jerky treat. Or you may have an environmental allergy– plant mites, or pollen or mold. She had to change Her detergent to a dye free, perfume free brand and that made an enormous difference fur me!

You may have yeast in your ears. I recommend the 50/50 vinegar and water solution to flush the ears. Foot licking is not to be ignored. Something is at the root of your excessive foot licking. And the operative word here is excessive.

If  you are not biting yourself or your saliva output is not so excessive so as to stain your fur or you have not licked until you made a bald spot or made your skin raw– (you see where I’m goin’ with this?), I highly recommend you get in the habit of maybe once a week standing in a tub of warm water with Epsom salt. Make sure the crystals are thoroughly dissolved. And try not to drink the water.

She uses Epsom salt in my bath water. She will usually fill the tub to a level where the water completely covers my feet with hot water, pour the Epsom salt in, stir, and then allow the water to cool to tepid. Tepid means warm, not  room temperature, not cool or cold. There needs to be warmth! Then I stand in the water anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending upon whether I’m taking a full bath or not.

I’m a working TripleA Therapy dog. I work four days a week, so I have to bathe every week. The #bullDogNATION! is not recommending  or endorsing weekly bathing, just a weekly foot soak with the salts. Just like bleach is bleach, Epsom salts are Epsom salts. You do not have to look fur a name brand. There is no “special” epsom salt. Store variety is no less effective than the spa variety.

CVS Epsom Salt Lavender ScentedEpsom salts or magnesium sulfate are made up of a naturally occurring mineral found in water. Epsom salts derives its popular name from the town of Epsom, England, where the compound was first distilled from water. The chemical formula for Epsom salts is a rather simplistic one: MgS04-7H2O.

Epsom salts are easily obtained at any drug store or supermarket. Inexpensive and versatile, the salts can be used for a number of different applications around the home. Many of the applications have to do with expediting healing, as well as improving the quality of the skin and helping with basic grooming. Even People love it!

If there is itching and scratching and foot licking, do a full body salts soak. You should realize some diminution of the foot licking behavior, and especially the obsessive component of the foot licking behavior should fade completely. Epsom salts makes you smell nice, too. I especially lub the lavender scented Epsom salts. Great fur me. Aroma therapy fur Her. And the lavender scent deters drinking the water which I used to do.

It’s my responsibility to advise if your foot licking is obsessive and is resulting in self mutilation or injury:  GET THEE TO YOUR VET! You may have a skin allergy, atopic dermatitis, flea allergy, food allergy, inhalant allergy, contact allergy, or bacterial allergy.

I’m especially sensitive to mold, jade ground cover, ant venom, and I may never suddenly change my diet or introduce a new and novel food to my diet otherwise it’s back to the noisy, slurping, obsessive, fly biting, foot licking  obsessive behavior fur me.

If  you are biting, chewing, scraping, knawing on yourself; if your skin is red, scaly and raw or your saliva output is so excessive as to stain your fur or you have licked and chewed a bald spot or have hurt yourself, this is serious and you need immediate medical intervention. GET THEE TO YOUR VETERINARIAN! Immediately!  If not sooner!

OK, NATION, to recap, foot licking is a sign you may have an allergy or yeast in the ears.

Try the Epsom salts bath and soak,  flush the ears with the 50/50 vinegar and water solution, (common sense home remedies), do the benign wait-and-see. If there is no change to the behavior, GET THEE TO YOUR VETERINARIAN!

I am still a foot licker. It relaxes me. But my behavior is completely under control with diet, exercise and the Epsom salts spa bath that I frequently write about in my blog. It’s a good thing! Now you try it!

Good luck Mr. Phelps. BOL!

Goodwill Energies I project
On each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!

The News From Lake Wobegon

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Garrison Keillor is coming to Long Island! Garrison Keillor is coming to Long Island!

So.., Who’s Garrison Keillor and why are you so excited about him coming to Long Island in May?

Well, lemme tell you! She has been a fan of Garrison Keillor since forever! He’s right up there with all Her fantasy male crushes. Let’s see, there’s Martin Landau. You already know all about that.

Then there are Larry King, Alan Greenspan, Al Roker, Alec Baldwin and Jake Gyllenhall. I’ll write more about each of these guys later, but right now, this is about Garrison Keillor.

In short, Garrison Keillor is an author, storyteller, humorist, and creator of NPR’s weekly radio show A Prairie Home Companion.

A Prairie Home Companion live show in Lanesbor...

Image via Wikipedia

On stage, Keillor, an imposing 6′ in his trademark red tie, red sneakers and relentless nostalgia, has, over three decades, come to represent Mr. EveryPerson from the Midwest, carting around with resolute cheeriness, the baggage of those much touted Midwestern values of hard work, perseverance and humility injected with sweetly gentle leitmotifs about rhubarb pie and powdered-milk biscuits.

A Prairie Home Companion ingeniously personifies the ethic of the polite, plain-spoken, self-deprecating pride of polite, plain spoken folks bumbling, with polite plain spokeness, through a mythical Minnesota hamlet called Lake Wobegon, “the little town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.”

Garrison Keillor is the host and a regular player in the weekly two-hour radio variety show of skits, songs, humorous poems and catchphrases featuring The Royal Academy of Radio Actors: Tim Russell, Sue Scott, and SFX man Mr. Fred Newman.

The high point of every show is “News From Lake Wobegon,” a decidedly unthrilling 20-minute monologue full of childhood tomato fights, drunk preachers, Norwegian bachelor farmers, Minnesota weather and sentimental rhapsodies about the precious things in life.

Like Paul Harvey and other great radio show hosts of his generation, the segment closes with an obligatory signature phrase: “That’s the news from Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above-average.”

Within the decorous, irony-lite boundaries of his shtick the show is consistently funny about Midwestern fatalism: “We come from people who brought us up to believe that life is a struggle,” he recently told an interviewer. “And if you should ever feel really happy, be patient. This will pass.”

Though Keillor is associated with the Midwest, his world view and sensibility comes largely out of New York City. He began his career in the early ’70s writing short humorous essays for The New Yorker magazine, later becoming a staff writer.

He was inspired to create A Prairie Home Companion while researching a New Yorker essay about the Grand Ole Opry.

That is all very interesting, now isn’t it?

In a recent interview with AARP magazine in March of 2011 Garrison Keillor announced he plans to retire the spring of 2013.

So if you’re a fan like I am, better get your tickets soon before the lights go down and the final curtain closes on A Prairie Home Companion starring the soothing, rich baritone warblings of Garrison Keillor. And his wry humor is  a lot of fun, too!

Goodwill Energies I project
On each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life today!

The Bulldogs Of War!

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Umma bulldog. And since I have been bred right, my jowly, commanding, authoritative expression, my muscular, bowled chest and broad shoulders should immediately invoke the spirit if not the very image of Winston Churchill. The bulldog represented the spirit and symbol of British wartime defiance, tenacity and dogged determination during World War II.

Churchill and his poodle, Rufus

Churchill himself never owned a bulldog. Churchill was a poodle man.

Here in the USA, the bulldog is the official mascot of the United States Marines. That’s one of the reasons I’m known around these parts as The OFFICIALunOFFICIAL English Bulldog Mascot.

Because of Her volunteer work as a Caseworker at the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, I occasionally get to hang out with the Servicemen and women and their families at Camp Pendleton.

I’m proud of our association. I’m proud to be of service. I’m proud to be a bulldog.

Goodwill Energies I project
Upon each and every one of you
Each and every day!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…”

That’s life, today!


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Change. We don’t like it. Most of the time change is scary. It can be unpleasant. When we have to face the unknown, it’s not very confidence inspiring.

Change can be upsetting. It disrupts our normal routine. Sometimes change can take a while to get used to.

But not always. Not this time. See, this is a post announcing a change.

I need a place dedicated to championing children’s literacy and a separate place for me to kick it with my anipals and furriends. At ThatOne | EBD, both the blog and Twitter, quarters are starting to feel a skosh cramped. There’s not enough room fur the two of us.

ThatOne | EBD began as the place fur WORD: WriteOne ReadDeuce. WORD is my reading and writing program targeting the integral, component aspects of literacy: Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking, and Speaking or verbal expression.

@That1EBD is also the place to find information about AAA or Animal Assisted Activities including my work as a Pet Ambassador at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

On the other hand, #bullDogNATION is *our* spinoff social network. @emithebully characterized it as our #bullDogNATION meetup. I immediately liked That characterization. That’s exactly what #bullDogNATION is.

It’s the place where all anipals and furriends come together with their distinct voices to talk about People who talk mostly about dogs, but always a beloved anipal companion.

We’ll talk about sex (breeding), birth control methods (spay and neuter)– even fertility (artificial insemination) and birthing.

We’ll talk about puppies, dogs– animals all; their feeding and training, exercise, health, healthcare, science, medicine and proper nutrition. Oh, it’s gonna get heavy.

But we’ll also talk about travel, and vacations, toys and accessories. From collars to kennels it’s all about us, by us, for us. What FUBU is for People, #bDN is for anipals.

All That and still plenty of room for #bDN meetups, #bDN tweetups, themed #bDN stompaws, music, film, television, news and special events. Oh, I have a dream, NATION! Great plans and an even greater vision.

All you have to do now is

♫C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
We’re gonna love you right @lbbdn is YOU!

Tell all your furriends and followers to c’mon over, too! Retweet this blog post.

♫C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
C’mon over! C’mon over, NATION!
It’s gonna serve you right #bDN is YOU!

“And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…

I’m ThatOne and I approve this message!