The OFFICIALunOFFICIAL English Bulldog Mascot

And Now This About That

Hi! I’m ThatOne. I’m a bulldog. I’m three years old, I weigh 45 lbs, and I’m an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen. That means I’m a pretty mellow fellow.

I am the one, the only, the original Champion Fur Children’s Literacy. I’m a WORD dog. I visit local schools and the children read aloud to me.

I get a lot of joy listening to young readers read. Find out more about WORD by clicking on Word Dog here WORD dog

I’m also a “Goodwill Ambassador” and Friend to all experiencing any kind of difficulty. I work as a Pet Ambassador in a local hospital. They call me The Endorphinator because I raise endorphins everywhere I roll on three wheels in my Thatmobile.

A true companion is loving all the time, and is a brother that is born for when there is distress. Prov 17:17.  That’s my standard and I’m sticking to it!

I’m a bully but I’m no bully! It takes just as much energy to be kind than it does to be mean. People, be kind to one another. Let’s all be Goodwill Ambassadors! Bully’s don’t bully and neither should you!

I’m available for writing assignments, photo shoots and television interviews. No false modesty here. I am way more good looking, buffed and interesting than The Situation so that at least qualifies me for a reality TV show. To That end, I am looking to partner with a photographer, writer and website designer. A literate bulldog is a terribull thing to waste. BOL!

Shoot me an e-mail:  that1ebd@gmail.comTwitter

It’s great to be me.  A lot of times stuff happens.   And I have thoughts.  Here is the stuff I thought.

Goodwill Energies I direct
Toward each and every one of you
Each and every day!

And there came to be evening and there came to be morning…

That’s life today!

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